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EDEF Health Services was founded in Loma Linda California in 2004 and recognized by the BRN as an NCLEX Resource center. Its mission is to empower the future of graduate nurses who are struggling to pass NCLEX and those having problems with comprehension, analysis, synthesis, and application. Its commitment extends to making nurses find success in a life long learning profession.  Other services our company offers are; IV therapy certifications, CPR/basic life support, and CNA/HHA certification classes. EDEF is approved to offer CEU credits by the Board of Registered Nursing for staff and faculty development.

                       Our company believes that empowerment is crucial to the development of scientific reasoning among health care professionals.

Mission Statement:

            Health Sciences Institute of California (HSIC) commits to its mission to train, empower, and transform individuals for service to the community. It purports to empower the achievement of professional success with a holistic view of a person’s physical, psychosocial, spiritual, and developmental well-being. It upholds its core value of belief in God as the foundation for its academic environment in creating excellence, scholarship, and research based knowledge for a lifelong learning experience.

            The academic environment helps shape and mold individuals for safe practice in the community. As the mission statement is repeatedly threaded throughout the curriculum, students become transformed and become members of the health care team to improve quality of life in the community.

            As a faith-based institution, graduates develop respect for human dignity, respect for persons regardless of race, color, religion, or ethnicity, cultural congruence and sensitivity to care, and develop active participation in research for evidence-based practice.

Goals and Outcomes:

  • To affirm Christian worldview and the value, self-worth and ability of every student to contribute to the world of work in a professional and successful manner. 
  • To foster a caring, nurturing learning environment that promotes academic excellence, critical thinking and diversity, and to instill a desire within our graduates to continue learning throughout their lifetimes.
  • To employ only qualified and compassionate faculty members who possess both educational and industry related experience in the fields that they teach, encourage their continued professional development and espouse their active participation in support of the college’s mission, purpose and objectives. .
  • To support our student population throughout their studies and beyond by means of tutorial services, academic advisement, counseling and referral, financial planning and lifelong employment assistance to all alumni.
  • To provide our students with a facility that is equipped with essential technologies and equipment, is safe, healthy and clean, and provides access to library and research materials relevant to the academic programs.
  • To remain committed to a policy of academic freedom where faculty may explore and disseminate new knowledge, speak professionally and as citizens, to enhance the intellectual vitality of the program and its students without fear of reprisal or reprimand.
  • To impart programs of learning that meet the needs of the community and consistently review the programs and courses to ensure that the skills and knowledge they impart are both adequate and appropriate to the end employment goals.
  • To foster a learning environment that cultivates respect for the differences among people, the nurturing of curiosity, the insistence upon high standards of thought, study, communication and the skills that should characterize an educated person
HSIC Philosophy:

Health Sciences Institute of California (HSIC) is a faith-based academic institution that aims to train and transform individuals for service. HSIC believes that God created man perfect with human dignity and well-being but marred by man’s disobedience resulting in imbalance in the health- wellness continuum. Nursing education and allied health education is a lifelong learning experience that enhances optimal health, maintain wellness, and prevent illness in a collaborative culture of teaching and learning environment.

offers Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)

CNA Certification

Make a rewarding and satisfying career for a lifetime.


is starting a 40-hour Home Health Aide program
and a 120-hour Home Health Aide Program.
Home Health Aide Program

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